Uninhabitable Mansions began as an artist collective, assembled to create a book and window display called Census.

Uninhabitable Mansions then decided that it would be a small book publisher, and published a number of books including Gline’s Demise, Two Wounds and Oh Inky Inky.

Uninhabitable Mansions then evolved into a band. There were 5 people in this band, and they were Robbie Guertin, Annie Hart, Chris Diken, Tyler Sargent and Danny Comer. Later on Doug Marvin replaced Danny on drums. They made a 7-inch and an album, and also a t-shirt.

Uninhabitable Mansions became a record label in order to release the band Uninhabitable Mansions’ music, and then proceeded to release albums by other bands including Radical Dads, Pursesnatchers, Sat. Nite Duets, Still Flyin’, Dead Stars and Plates of Cake.

Uninhabitable Mansions just released its first magazine. It’s a soda zine called Fizz Navigator.

Uninhabitable Mansions is currently run by Robbie and Chris. We are based in Brooklyn, NY. We like to make stuff.

Contact us: um@uninhabitablemansions.com

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